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Dubai Blockchain Talent School

The Blockchain Talent School is a pioneering educational space that offers a comprehensive learning journey in Blockchain technology, starting from youth education and extending all the way to executive education. This progressive approach to Blockchain education is designed to cater to a wide range of learners, from young enthusiasts just beginning their journey to seasoned professionals seeking advanced knowledge. 

The school’s curriculum encompasses a broad spectrum, from foundational concepts for beginners to in-depth courses for advanced learners, ensuring a well-rounded grasp of Blockchain technology. A unique feature of the program is its pathway to higher education – learners can accumulate micro credentials that can lead to master’s and PhD programs, offering a seamless transition from basic understanding to advanced research and specialization. This structure not only provides flexibility and accessibility but also ensures that students of all ages and professional backgrounds can find a suitable entry point and advancement path in the evolving world of Blockchain.

Blockchain Talent School Programs

Blockchain Talent School for Youth

    • Youth training programs: Designed to equip students with practical skills in Blockchain technology, these training programs offer a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience. They aim to prepare students for the evolving demands of the Blockchain industry and enhance their employability. Training programs can be tailored to each university needs.
    • Events and bootcamps: Regularly scheduled events and intensive bootcamps provide immersive learning experiences in Blockchain Technology. These sessions are led by industry experts and cover a range of topics from basic Blockchain principles to advanced application development, catering to various skill levels.
    • Apply for Internship opportunities: Students interested in gaining real-world experience in the Blockchain sector can apply for internships.  These opportunities provide a platform to work on actual projects, learn from industry professionals, and build a network in the Blockchain community.
    • Become a Blockchain Youth Ambassador: This program is for students passionate about Blockchain technology who want to represent it on their campus. Ambassadors lead workshops, organize events, and act as a bridge between the Blockchain community and their peers, promoting knowledge exchange and engagement.

Executive Education and Courses

    • Certified Blockchain Member Program: A certification route for professionals in MENA region.
    • Micro-credential in Blockchain and emerging technologies in collaboration with key institutions. A route to an MSc and a PhD with our University affiliations.
    • Courses: Online (recorded and live sessions through DBCC LMS system) and face-to-face courses

Research and Development

    • This program invites universities to join a collaborative network, fostering academic/ non-academic and research partnerships in Blockchain technology. Affiliated universities, academic/ and nonacademic authors gain access to cutting-edge resources, shared research opportunities, and a space for knowledge exchange.

      • Academic and Non-Academic Research: Fostering research in emerging Blockchain areas
      • Publications and Events: Disseminating research findings and knowledge
      • Research Fund: Collaboration with UAE universities for Blockchain research
        • Apply to be a part of our networ through the research and development forms;
          • Apply as an academic
          • Apply as a University
          • Letter designed for non-academic individuals or groups

Igor Arkhypenko


An experienced entrepreneur, innovation consultant with deep knowledge and great experience in tech product development, and tech business management

Igor has 12+ experience in StartUp development, fundraising, investor and international organizations relations, strategic management. He was running an acceleration program for startups and actively takes part in the Ukrainian startup ecosystem.

He is one of the leaders of Kyiv IT Cluster, Co-Founder, and currently Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Kyiv IT Cluster.

Since 2018, he used to work as an Expert at The European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA) and Evaluation Expert at Horizon 2020

Maria Vovchok

Media Lead

Professional Host/MC at International Business and Tech events.  Podcast Host and Journalist at Dubai Blockchain Center./Ambassador at Blockchain Association of Ukraine; recognized among the Top-25 Women in Fintech& Blockchain in the MENA Region by Dx Talks.

Maria Vovchok is a journalist with over 12 years of experience as a news presenter and editor. She has also been a Blockchain enthusiast for more than seven years, working as a news editor and anchor in several Blockchain media, and later – for Blockchain companies in marketing and pr-departments.

Maria has also built strong relations with VCs, angel investors, and startup entrepreneurs. Maria is a moderator and a host at multiple Tech and Business conferences worldwide. She is an Ambassador of the Blockchain Association of Ukraine, a member of the international organization “Blockchain Ladies” and “Women on Tech.”

Previously, Maria has been a Managing Director at the World of Web3 Summit in Dubai, UAE and an Ambassador at Finoverse. Currently, she co-organizes top-notch Metaverse and Blockchain conferences and advises Blockchain companies expanding in the Middle East region. Now she is also a Podcast Host and Journalist at Dubai Blockchain Center, hosting the “Encrypted” podcast