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Fruitful Participation at Future Forward at Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park by Dubai Blockchain Center

The Dubai Blockchain Center recently marked a significant milestone with its active participation in the “Future Forward” Conference, hosted in collaboration with the Sharjah Digital Office and Department of e-Government in Sharjah. The event took place over two enlightening days at the prestigious Sharjah Research, Technology, and Innovation Park

A Visionary Conference: “Future Forward” was inaugurated by Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Qasimi, the Director General of the Department of e-Government in Sharjah. His announcement of the conference’s commencement underscored the government’s commitment to the evolution of technology, digital innovation, and the seamless integration of these advancements into the fabric of modern society.

Diverse Topics, Global Experts: The conference lived up to its promise, covering a wide array of topics that are central to the future of technology. Key areas of focus included cybersecurity, digital transformation management, and the essential skills required to thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape. A carefully curated selection of global experts and thought leaders from various corners of the world graced the event, enriching the discussions and shedding light on the most pressing issues of our digital age.

Sharjah’s Leading Role: Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Qasimi emphasized Sharjah’s pivotal role in the digital arena. Under his visionary leadership, the emirate has steadily advanced in technological innovation, becoming a beacon of progress in the region. His words of gratitude and appreciation extended to all conference participants and supporters, acknowledging their invaluable contributions to the event’s resounding success.

The Dubai Blockchain Center’s active engagement in the “Future Forward” Conference not only showcased its commitment to technological advancements but also demonstrated the center’s dedication to knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the shaping of a brighter digital future. As we move forward, the echoes of this conference will continue to resonate, fostering a culture of innovation and excellence in the ever-evolving world of technology

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